What Remains of Edith Finch: The Saddest Death

Azeiza Hamza
3 min readSep 19, 2021


Photo by Miryam León on Unsplash

I started off in the treehouse, and just like with the rest of the house, I love how everything is bigger than it seems because of all the hidden rooms and connecting areas. The first person I learned about was Sam. Playing as Sam hurt my eyes because of the camera flashes. I found his story interesting because I think it was the first one where there was another person in the story that the character interacted with.

I genuinely gasped when he got shoved off the cliff by the deer. You could assume he could swim, but unfortunately, there were probably rocks down there and he could have hit his head and drowned. I’m sure Dawn felt a lot of guilt over his death.

When I finished learning about Sam, I walked into the kid's room and learned about Gregory. I immediately figured I was supposed to somehow turn on the tub water so Gregory could drown, which is sad. At first, I didn’t understand how to play as Gregory before I realized I was the toy frog instead of the baby. The juxtaposition between the calming music and the horrendous act that was about to take place really messed with me.

This might sound messed up, but I do blame the mom. You should NEVER leave a baby or even toddler in a bath unattended. Especially for a phone call that could wait. I think his was the saddest death, especially since they said how happy he was.

At this point, I realized Dawn was Edith’s mom and thought it was interesting because I hadn’t connected that. It was also super cool learning Edith is half Indian.

But instead of learning about Dawn, I learned about Gus. I can’t imagine your child dying on your wedding day. Instead of the anniversary being a happy occasion, you would only be reminded of the fact that you lost a child.

The amount of heartbreak this family has endured is insane to me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have kids if I was part of this family, no matter how much I wanted them because how could I bring them into this world knowing there's a “curse” that has the potential to kill them?

Next, I walked into the castle and learned about Milton. His was probably the most thought-provoking incident because we don’t get to play as him or know what truly happened to him. He simply disappeared, which I guess the not knowing may be worse than the death you do know. It also makes me wonder if he simply ran away, maybe in an effort to escape the curse.

I decided to stop playing after Milton’s story because I’d unlocked four really sad backstories and needed a break haha. I can’t wait to learn about what happened to the rest of the family and how Edith’s story ends.