What Remains of Edith Finch: Bury Something That’s Still Alive

Azeiza Hamza
3 min readSep 12, 2021


Picking up where I left off, I left Barbara’s room and entered the room that I said I would come back to later. It led into the hallway. Through some parts of the house, there’s an orange wire and it leads into this sort of trap door in the ceiling. I tried to open it but couldn’t figure out how, so I went downstairs.

I walked around for a while hoping a white dot would appear meaning I could do something. I then found the music box and listened to the story I’d heard and kept spinning the handle.

Walking into the basement, I’ll admit, I was kind of scared. It was very dark and it was the perfect place for something to jump out at me. I opened the fridge and there was another secret passageway. The Finch’s just love their secret passageways. I really wanted to pick up a weapon because it was so dark but that sadly wasn’t an option.

The question I kept asking myself as I walked further into the basement is WHY is there this underground shelter with food and a bathroom and working electricity. I soon got my answer.

It’s honestly so interesting to me the approaches that each individual Finch takes with dealing with the curse. Some just acknowledge it as life, others try to actively hide from it, and others would rather not talk about it.

30 years is quite a long time to be hidden. I also found it fascinating that I couldn’t look around when I played as Walter at the start. I could only see the calendar and the cans of food. He outlived the curse compared to some of his family, but he wasn’t necessarily living, just surviving.

So doesn’t that mean the curse got to him anyway?

At this point, I had wished there was more explanation. He instantly got killed when he went outside, which I found sad.

Along the walk on the beach on the way to the house, Edith kept using the word “you”, which got me thinking. I wondered if perhaps we were a relative’s child who had somehow evaded the curse, like maybe her missing brother. And she was writing to us to reach out and connect.

And then came the big plot twist, that Edith is pregnant, which I had suspected and felt like shouting I knew it over and over at the top of my lungs. But at the same time, I had no idea how old Edith was supposed to be and thought maybe she was a teenager or in her early twenties. Obviously, you can be pregnant at that age, but I just had an image of her in my head being so young.

I then decided to call it for the week when I walked into a treehouse. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

As for stuff outside the storyline, I have finally got the hang of switching perspectives and walking. I’m having fun with the game and learning more about each family member. I’m also curious about Edith’s child. Where’s its father and why didn’t he come with Edith to her childhood home? Was this child planned? I only wonder that because of the curse. Also, with the way Edith writes in her journal, I almost wonder if she doesn’t expect to live long enough to raise her child.

We’ll see what happens next in the game. My parting words will be a line from the game that really stuck with me.

“I don’t want to make the same mistakes she made; trying to bury something that’s still alive.”