Twelve Minutes: 240 Seconds

Azeiza Hamza
5 min readNov 15, 2021

Wow. I got so many answers yet I’m still left with so many questions.

When I started playing the game this round, I immediately had several different plans I wanted to put into action. The first thing I did was pick up a bunch of items and ask the wife about her book. I figured since she’s always reading it, it might have significance to the story.

She told me a quote and then I decided to open all the vent grids. The one in the living room was still empty but I went to the one in the bathroom because I realized I’d never opened it before even though I noticed there was one and I put a candle inside of it since it was so dark and


Photo by Jiyeon Park on Unsplash

I had to pause for a second because I was shocked I had finally found it and without the wife telling me. I picked it up and then put one of the candles into the toilet for no reason. Nothing happened so I flushed and then the candle drained. It was very stupid but I feel like with a game like this you have to try every possibility.

I asked the wife to dance but then the cop came. I couldn’t talk to either of them or pick anything up from the inventory so I just waited for death.

In this loop, I had another plan. I gave the wife the sleeping pills and turned on the light in the bedroom before turning it off. Then I turned off all the lights in the apartment and shut all the doors and hid in the closet.

MY PLAN SEMI-WORKED! He was only unconscious from the shock instead of dead like the wife but it was still a victory in my eyes. I grabbed everything he had and zip-tied him. I then started reading his messages. I only read through three or four and since I was on the phone I didn’t see him get up and he beat me up.

But I was ok with it since I know knew how to temporarily defeat him. I went speed mode and did everything I needed to do before hiding in the closet. A video of a clock speeding up played because I did everything so fast haha.

So my plan went perfectly! Except for this time I stabbed him right away. Then I started asking him questions and I got a lot of answers. I can’t remember everything but I know his daughter is ill and that he was close to the wife’s father and she shot him eight years ago in cold blood. He also says that she tried to sell the watch and he got a tip about it which is how he found us. The cop claims he doesn’t want to hurt us WHICH IS A LIE CONSIDERING HOW MANY TIMES HE’S KILLED ME!

He asked me to call him an ambulance but I was feeling heartless after how many times I’d died so I shot him with his revolver. The clock showed up and the time loop reset! I believe it’s supposed to mean something about being better than the cop but I feel like revenge is sometimes justified.

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I thought it would reset somehow because I still have to find the real truth and stop any more murders.

This time loop when I opened the vent with the bathroom door open the wife saw and interestingly, she got mad and left the apartment. With how angry she was for a split second I thought SHE might kill me. I heard her coming back with the cop so I just sat on the couch and waited for the inevitable.

After the loop started I took the watch from the vent and started grilling the wife. At first, she didn’t want to answer me but then I gave her the watch and she kept stuttering but then she started giving me answers and she said that her dad cheated with the nanny and that her mom was spiraling. Apparently, she and her dad fought a lot, and one day they were arguing and she grabbed one of his guns, shot him, and ran. The cop came bursting through the door and I took the knife and stabbed him. That resulted in him shooting me which was a surprise because I don’t think I’ve been shot before.

I didn’t know where to go from there because I know the truth about her father, where the watch is, and that the cop has a sick daughter. But how do I stop the time loop?

I don’t know why I decided to do this, but I took the polaroid from the fridge and gave it to the wife. It apparently proves she’s innocent and so we started talking. She gave me a lot more information about her father's affair and that the watch is worth a lot of money. Then she said the nanny had a child and I don’t know how she knew it was a boy but apparently it was a boy.

Now I don’t mean to think the worse but that kind of scares me because… what are the chances the husband is that boy? When you think about it, we know absolutely nothing about the main character we're playing as. Sure, you could argue it’s unnecessary to playing, but I don’t know, I have a weird feeling about everything.

When the cop came in, the wife tried to reason with him but he wouldn’t listen so I tried but he still wouldn’t listen. While he was zip tieing the wife I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the watch from the vent. I gave it to him and he immediately backhanded me. Ugh.

Exhausted from all the information I’d absorbed but still having so many questions, I decided that was enough playing.

I’m looking forward to finally ending this time loop and getting all the answers I want.

Also, I feel like there’s a secret message with the watch. I noticed how there were certain engravings or designs that didn’t match up. I think I’m supposed to turn the watch face but I don’t know how to.

Photo by Niranjan _ Photographs on Unsplash

I’m going to be free of this time loop even if it’s the last thing I do.