Twelve Minutes: 180 Seconds

Azeiza Hamza
5 min readNov 7, 2021

This was my third time playing the game and I was determined to get answers. Something really interesting that happened is that when the TWELVE MINUTES screen came up, instead of saying “MINE” it said “LIES” which hadn’t happened before.

The first thing I did was ask the wife where the watch was. The conversation was more aggressive than it usually is which makes me think that the more times the main character dies, the angrier he gets. I put sleeping pills in a mug in the bathroom so she wouldn’t notice but I only picked up one mug so she just used the other.

I didn’t even notice that there was a ventilation grid in the living room, so I unscrewed it with the knife, thinking it might reveal a clue. Alas, nothing. This time when I talked to the wife I could ask her if she killed her father, which I believe wasn’t an option before. I died but I think I might have stabbed the cop. It was hard to tell whose blood it was.

Photo by Lux Graves on Unsplash

During this playthrough, I was going really fast. I picked up the phone and called 911, locked the door, and I gave the wife the sleeping pills with the mug. She drank it and it actually worked! She started getting tired and I went with her to the bedroom. She was unconscious and I closed the door and waited for the cops.

I was originally sitting in the chair but I stupidly got up before the cop entered the room and so he immediately came to me instead of turning on the light. He choked me to death and then I was stumped.

I decided to go very simple this round and the wife and the main character had dessert. I was thinking by doing that, new conversation topics might show up. When she asked how I felt about the baby, I said great and the couple actually had a really lovely conversation. Then we attempted to dance but the cop came in. He couldn’t even give us a final dance.

For some reason, I couldn’t click on the cop or wife and once again SHE ALMOST SAID WHERE THE WATCH WAS HIDDEN!

After the loop reset, I asked the wife to dance and for some reason, she said we needed to clean the closet, which I don’t think she did before. I’ve had this assumption that the watch is is in the zipped pocket next to where the phone is, but I can’t open it. I tried the knife and even just clicked on it. No luck.

Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

The couple danced and I once again tried to prove to her that the days were restarting but it didn’t work. The cop came and killed me. I ate dessert by myself for no reason and the wife got mad. Interestingly, while the wife was in the room I closed the lights and now I could ask her to leave the apartment with me. She said no even after I insisted.

AND THEN THE WIFE GOT UP AND TURNED ON THE LIGHT SWITCH AND DIED! I was so shocked that I stared at my laptop with my jaw open.

But since she was dead I left her there and hid in the closet after turning off the living room light and closing the bathroom door. Now I could see thru the closet door, which I never thought of before. The cop saw the dead wife and checked the bathroom. The angle actually made me scared even though it’s just a game haha. He almost left but at the last second came to the closet and pulled the husband out.

He started asking questions and I asked why he wanted the watch, to which he replied “because I do.” I asked how he knows she has the watch and he said that it’s “worth an awful lot.” This proves the fact that he’s not a cop or if he is one, he’s a corrupt cop. I clicked the option to say I didn’t know anything about the watch and he killed me.

I tried using the knife on all the paintings but nothing happened. I then filled a mug with water and tried pouring the water on all the paintings, thinking paint might be spilled and reveal something. Especially since I can TELL that one painting is in morse code! But nothing. I then poured water on the flower which gave me an achievement. Unfortunately, nothing happened except it made me temporarily happy so I just went to bed haha.

When the cop came in I just stayed in the bedroom. I died and then I tried to walk out of the apartment and the loop immediately reset. I tried to insist that the wife leave by herself and she wasn’t having it. I really hate that the wife doesn’t even bother listening but there’s nothing I can do about it. I decided to shock myself to death before the cop came.

Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash

I stood at the door waiting for the cop after asking the wife not to open the door. I tried giving the cop the baby clothes, thinking he might be sympathetic. No such luck. I’m going to assume he doesn’t have a family of his own. I decided that was my final play through of the day.

I think it’s so interesting how more conversation and action options are being revealed, like dancing and insisting the wife leaves, but I feel as though I’m no closer to learning the cop's true identity, how the dad actually died, and where the watch is.

Also, why this specific watch is worth so much. I feel like it might be one of those “there’s a secret thumb drive with valuable information on it inside the watch” situations. Which you think wouldn’t be that common, but I’ve actually seen in a lot of media.

I actually have some ideas for the next time I play. They’re not all going to be pleasant, but I need to find that watch and stop this time loop.