Twelve Minutes: 120 Seconds

Azeiza Hamza
4 min readOct 31, 2021


This time I decided to try a bunch of new ways to get information and try to prevent my death. Some proved more fruitful than others.

I gave the wife the polaroid picture from the fridge but that didn’t yield any results. I once again tried convincing her I was in a time loop but that didn’t work either.

I genuinely didn’t know what to do so I decided to explore the bathroom again and while I didn’t find anything new, I realized there might be something significant about the toilet and the low water level. I died without having learned much.

This time I got an idea and used the knife from the kitchen to open the ventilation grid in the bedroom and I placed the phone inside, which made it light up. I took the phone out and went through the messages. I then called the police. Unfortunately, the police wouldn’t be there for fifteen minutes but obviously, I would die in twelve. I even tried hiding in the bedroom but the fake cop still got me so that was pretty much a bust. But at least now I know I can hide things in the vent. During this playthrough, I ignored the wife so I could figure out what to do.

Photo by Candace Mathers on Unsplash

Then I got a super messed up idea but I decided to try it anyway. I picked up the sleeping pills and the spoon and tried to crush them but that didn’t work so I just put the pills in the cup. I then filled it with water and tried to give it to the wife, thinking maybe something different would happen. But I was too late because she used the other mug on the counter to drink water and she said she wasn’t thirsty anymore. So I had no choice but to wait till the next loop.

I was able to pick up both mugs, put the pills inside the mug with water, and attempt to give it to her. Apparently, she knew because she said she was sleeping fine so I gave up on that idea. In this playthrough, I also called the cops right away but I knew I would probably still be killed.

When the cop came in I tried to go to sleep to let the time pass but that didn’t work. I also tried to open the present with the knife at one point but that didn’t work either so I was fresh out of ideas.

Interestingly, while we were both zip-tied on the floor, the wife started to say “the watch is in the-” but then I died.

Photo by Pat Taylor on Unsplash

I hadn’t talked to the wife in a while so I talked to her and noticed I could bring up other conversation topics and I said it was time for dessert. I stupidly took a bite without her and she got mad so then I had to wait for the loop to restart to hear the big news. The character might only have twelve minutes, but each time I play through a loop it simultaneously feels like only two minutes and an entire hour passes.

The thing was, I had figured out she was pregnant on like my third loop, all the context clues were there. At this point, I will admit, the wife was making me mad. I understand it would be hard to believe someone’s in a time loop, but she also won’t answer the questions about the father or the watch.

During this new loop, I turned off the light in the bedroom after closing the door and just sat in the air charm. I had stupidly put the fake candle in the vent so there was a little bit of light and the cop saw me and dragged me to the living room. But it gave me the idea to have the cop shock himself on the light switch, which I’m going to experiment with.

I finally got through dessert and she told me the big news which was super obvious. I then asked her where she hid the watch but the only option was to say it aggressively so she got mad and I had to wait for another playthrough.

Funnily enough, the wife locked herself in the bathroom but the cop still kicked the door open. I talked to the wife after I died and started to convince her I was telling the truth about being stuck in a time loop. I told her I knew about the present and that she was pregnant.

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I tried so many other things but nothing else convinced her. I let the character die and decided that was enough playing.

Interestingly, the baby onesie said Dahlia, and the wife mentioned that name which reminded me of a painting in the bedroom with flowers. At one point I tried using the knife on it, thinking maybe there was something hidden behind it but nothing happened. I also used the knife to smash the flower pot on the dresser, thinking it might reveal something. Nothing was revealed.

I just hope the next time I play, I’m closer to getting the answers I so desperately want.