Textual Analysis of Megamind

Azeiza Hamza
2 min readOct 25, 2020

For this week’s assignment, I decided to make a word cloud about a movie. I chose Megamind because not only is it near and dear to my heart, but it is also one of the greatest pieces of cinematic media ever created. It follows the story of Megamind, a villain who turns into a hero. It’s a comedy, a romance, an adventure, and an amazing life lesson all in one. I’ve loved this movie for years and knew it would be amazing to turn the script into a word cloud.

I chose the shape of a house because ever since he was young, Megamind just wanted to fit in and find his home. People rejected him and treated him badly, which caused him to turn into the villain they all (slightly) feared. At the end of the movie, he finds home in Metro City with Roxanne and Minion.

Know was the biggest word on the word cloud. I found that interesting because it’s a simple word but was used a lot in the movie. Another word that stood out to me was “good” because Megamind is good even though people tried to tell him otherwise. He found something to fight for and put his energy into doing what was right. His life circumstances made him a villain, but his actions turned him into the hero we all love. “Hero” is another word that is slightly bigger than others, because that word is frequent in the movie. Even though the characters were normally talking about Metro Man when saying hero, in the end, Megamind was the true hero and Metro Man was the person who left the town to its own devices.

I was honestly surprised his name wasn’t a bigger word on the house. A lot of the words in the word cloud are simple because at the end of the day this is a kid's movie. I like how the biggest word is in blue, a nice ode to Megamind. I liked choosing a theme and trying to figure out what shape would work best for this text. I loved seeing the word cloud come to life and think it would be a great tool for analyzing more serious pieces of media or even someone’s own work.

Megamind smiling :)