Review of The Illusory Wall

Azeiza Hamza
2 min readOct 6, 2021

I decided to play this game from cool math games. You use WASD to move and your mouse to change your viewing perspective. You play as a dark blue square with a rectangle body.

It was very trippy and confusing from the start because it doesn’t have levels the same way other games do. Instead, you move around and if you enter one part of the screen, the black lines around you change. Therefore, you can’t go back every time and have to keep moving forward. If you do go back, there’s no guarantee it will be the same place you just were. It reminded me of a labyrinth.

There was one section where you had to get onto a platform to reach the next place to explore. However, there was a blue line above the platform, and every time I touched it, the platform would disappear and I would fall to the ground. Interestingly, when I went right, it reset me so I was standing before the platform again. Try as I might, I couldn’t jump onto the platform without touching the blue line.

So I went left and then went upwards using this gray shaded area that can send you in any direction. Unfortunately, the gray area disappeared and I was trapped in a rectangle. The only way out was to right-click and that brought me to the home screen. I got trapped there multiple times haha. This game is very confusing but ultimately fun. I want to try playing it again to see if there's a way for me to win.