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Everyone playing Eat the Fish :)

I decided to use Scratch to build my game because it seemed like it had the most options in terms of characters, backgrounds, and story potential. It was harder than I thought it would be to make a game, considering it’s a website for children. I did feel a little dumb when I didn’t understand it. I had to watch YouTube tutorials and the tutorials that Scratch provides to even figure out where to begin. Eventually, I figured it out and felt better about my coding skills. I wanted to make an adventure game where you’re supposed to find a crystal. However, I guess I still don’t grasp the website, because the player is supposed to press space every time to unlock a new dialogue or change the scene. Instead, it plays out like a movie after you press space the first time.

I realized it wasn’t necessarily a game, so even though I had spent a long time making it, I decided to try to make a new game. I had no creativity left to think of an imaginative game that could be played by someone over the age of five. So I made Eat the Fish. I created it and then looked it up to play and saw there were already dozens of games like mine. Being a video game developer is hard. Overall, I had fun with this assignment and actually want to try to use Scratch again. Who knows, maybe in thirty years I’ll have made the next Limbo. I also look forward to playing my classmates' games. Below are the links for both games.




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Azeiza Hamza

Azeiza Hamza

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